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Sam Wouters

Aalst, Belgium

Dutch, English, Portuguese

Be your guide through the beautiful European cities and regions.


Let’s Guide You will inform you about the European cities and regions to discover. As the owner of this site, it is my goal to inform you with the right information to make your trip an unforgettable trip. My site is your guide for the secret places around in Europe.

“A passion to discover the real culture, local customs, food and history”

My passion is to travel and learn from other cultures. This includes how people live, history, food, buildings, religion, … This passion started more from the moment I traveled the first time to Lisboa (Portugal). Afterwards, I decided to learn the Portuguese language. In these lessons, I learned also the culture, history, food, local customs, … So, this was very nice to travel more as a local to the country. It changed my mindset of traveling and looking to other cultures. From that point on, I want to travel and discover as close as possible through the local people. Finally, this was the start of Let’s Guide You.

“Bring the same passion to you”

With Let’s Guide You I want to bring the same passion of local traveling to you. So, you are well prepared to travel to your next, maybe still unknown, destination. This will make a huge difference in how you experience your trip.

“Let’s guide you to discover your next trip with passion”

In the future, I also will give the opportunity to buy personalized tours. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your time over here.

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