20 Useful travel tips

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20 Useful Travel Tips

“Travel tips to make your next trip more comfortable”

These post gives you 20 useful travel tips to make your next trip more comfortable. Every time you travel, you already noticed by yourself, you thought by yourself: If I had this, it would be handy. Well, this post will give you 20 things to make your next trip more useful.

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Useful tips to travel with less stress

“Travel with more pleasure and less stress”

Below, we share with you 20 useful tips to travel more comfortable. Read them all and travel the next time with less stress. So, you’ll travel with more pleasure. In most cases, this will have a positive effect on your whole trip.

1 – Comfortable Clothes

“Wear clothes to make you feel relaxed”

In most cases when you travel, you are a long time under the way. If you travel by car, airplane, train, motor, bus, bicycle or what else, it also feels better if you are relaxed. The right clothes have their influence on your mood during the trip. When you travel for holiday, why should you wear a bulky tight jeans and shirt if you feel yourself more comfortable in a workout outfit? Why you don’t just wear that comfortable workout outfit? You will feel yourself more relaxed and in your mind your holiday already starts from the moment you decided to wear the outfit where you feel yourself the most comfortable.

comfortable clothes to travel sport suit t-shirt jogging useful tip tips
“Practical at passenger control”

Also, when you have to pass a passenger control, comfortable clothes are more practical. Because, in most cases you don’t have to wear a belt or something else you have to take off at the control. So, you don’t have to think to take it off. This makes you less stressed and you win also a little bit time. In my opinion, this is a complete win-win on all fronts.

2 – Cash

useful travel tips cash money bills
“Not everywhere is it common to pay digital”

Also because digital payments are more and more in use at a lot of places, at some locations it still is more common to pay cash. Yes, also in Europe. Or what if no digital payment method is working due to technical issues and you have not the possibility to withdraw cash? Well, when you travel it is a good idea to hold a little bit cash, in the currency of the country where you travel to, with you.

But of course, in most countries in Europe it is possible to withdraw cash with your card. So, a little bit cash for during your travel and your first day is maybe enough.

“Cash gives you more flexibility”

Also when you have a little bit cash with you, it gives you more flexibility. As told above, you still can pay when the digital way is not working. Also in some countries, when you pay cash, you get more done of the locals. Some terminals to pay digital also don’t accept cards from foreign countries.

“Cash gives you more flexibility”

Also when you have a little bit cash with you, it gives you more flexibility. As told above, you still can pay when the digital way is not working. Also in some countries, when you pay cash, you get more done of the locals. Some terminals to pay digital also don’t accept cards from foreign countries.

“A tip for a good service”

Did you got a good service? Well, in tourism and in some countries it still is very common to give a tip for a good service. So, with a little bit cash with you, it is more easy to give a tip for a good service. The local worker will love it and like to give you some extra’s they don’t give to everyone.

3 – Activate your debit card for abroad

useful travel credit debit cards
“Debit cards are cheaper as credit cards”

As told above, in most European countries it is possible to withdraw cash. In that case, your cards have to be active abroad. Of course, a credit card will work very well. But, did you know that sometimes you have to pay an extra fee when you withdraw cash with your credit card and not with a debit card? Some countries also have different types of cash terminals. This means that you have to pay an extra fee at one kind of terminal and not at the other. So, inform yourself about this.

4 – Drinking bottle

useful drinking bottle travel tips
“Ideal to refill”

Traveling don’t have to be expensive. It all depends on how you fill it in for yourself. Point 4 informs you about how nice it is to have a refillable drinking bottle with you. So, you have the opportunity to refill this where you want. Many countries have a lot of places where you can tap drinking water. Also in the airport this is very handy. To pass the passenger control, you have to be careful with the liquids you have with you. But, an empty bottle you can refill is no problem. After this control, you can fill this bottle without any problem. It is a lot cheaper as the expensive drinks you find at the airport.

“Also handy on your trips”

It also is handy during your whole trip. If you plan to hike, walk in a city or travel around, you always have a bottle with you that you can refill where you want. Where you stay, you fill this bottle or with your favorite drink you bought in a shop. So, you have your drink always with you in your favorite ecological bottle and on the way you feel yourself comfortable. No hassle!

5 – Pick-nick recyclable glass and cutlery

travel tips wine glass drink useful
cava glass travel tips reuseable
travel tip cutlery reuseable
“Ready to eat and drink”

You want to have a pick-nick or only eat and drink something on your room. But the only glass in your room can find is to brush your teeth. Drinking you favorite drink feels more familiar in glass adapted to it. Then it is a good idea to take it with you in your luggage. Even when you want eat something, a recyclable travel cutlery is a good idea. When you have to pass a passenger control, a (real) cutlery is not possible in most cases. Because, the knife can be seen as a weapon. Sure, you maybe simply also can ask for it at the reception of your stay. But if you have it with you, you can easily eat and drink when and where you want without the need to search or buy a whole set on the location where you travel to.

6 – Power bank

useful travel tips power bank charge
“Power everywhere”

If you have a lot of electronic devices with you, it can be very hateful that all your devices are running out of power. Here comes the power bank. A small compact electronic device to charge all your other devices is very welcomed. Most compact electronic devices charge on USB. The power banks have standard USB as output. When you have a wall power point, like in your hotel, you recharge this power bank again. So, the next day you are ready to go again.

7 – Multiple plug adapter

“Make a multi contact from a single power point”

In almost every room of B&B or hotel is it the same. You don’t find enough power points to charge your electronic devices. Especially, where we live in a time where more travelers have more electronic devices with a battery: A mobile phone, a tablet, maybe a digital camera, a small laptop, an action cam, a flashlight and so on. Luckily, you charge the most of these devices on USB. So, if you have one power point where you could connect more USB devices, it should be wonderful. The multi plug adapter with more USB connection gives you here a solution. So, you can charge for example 4 USB devices on one point and you don’t need 4 separate power points in your room.

useful travel tips power adapter plug multiple usb
“Power from the TV”

Did you know that most flat screen TV’s also have USB connections? Also here you maybe have a power point for your USB devices. You don’t need the power adapter of your device itself, the USB cable is more then enough. OK, this port maybe don’t charge at the same speed as your familiar adapter, but you can charge your device. If it is charged the next day, it is OK, isn’t it?

8 – Plastic bags

plastic bags useful travel tips
“Keep your used clothes separate of your other clothes”

In your luggage, keep your used clothes separate of your other clothes. This holds your clothes, you still didn’t used, clean. When you are back home, it also is more easy to know which clothes you absolutely have to wash and which maybe not. Plastic bags are very handy for this. If you take multiple plastic bags in your luggage, you also can use one for each kind of used clothes. Your underwear together and shirt in another.

useful travel tips plastic bag luggage
“Wanna shop”

Do you want to shop on your holiday? If you have plastic bags with you, you can use them to put in all your goods in it. So, you don’t have to ask for a bag in the shop. In Europe, in many countries, you have to pay some extra coins when you buy a bag for your products. So take it with you from home.

colored plastic bags luggage useful travel tips

It also works visa-versa. If you have a plastic bag of a shop where you putted in all your products, you can use it afterwards in your luggage to separate your used clothes from the other clothes.

9 – Travel & hotel documents on paper

“Better to bypass digital issues”

As already told a few times, it is better to have a plan B to bypass digital issues. So also here, I give you the tip to have an alternative if there occur issues with the digital ways of check-in for your transport or hotel. Also if you rent a car. Normally you don’t need these documents on paper. But, what if the digital way at your location is not working correctly, your device to confirm your booking is not working or there are issues with your booking (not found in the system, double booking, …) ? Believe me, if there are issues, in most cases it works better if you can show your booking confirmation on paper.

And also for your mindset it is better to have a plan B that is not digital. Especially, if you go abroad for a longer period. Because you know for yourself that you have a plan B if there are some issues., you can travel in a more relaxed way. That is what a holiday trip should be, isn’t it?

10 – Only the keys and cards you need

useful travel tips keys keychain hint
“Don’t take things only good to lose”

If you travel to another country, don’t take tings with you that are only good to lose. You are nothing with the key of your postbox or the all the keys of your house. If you have one key of your house with you, that is good enough. And why you should take the keys of your car with you on holiday when your car stay at home.

travel tips loyalty cards

Even for cards you don’t need on holiday, leave them at home. On holiday you are nothing with loyalty cards of shops near your home and that are not at your travel destination. It saves places in your pocket and your mindset if you just leave them at home. You can’t lose them on holiday.

“Keep items on a save place”

OK, I understand that for some items you don’t feel comfortable to leave them at home when you aren’t there for a long time. For example, the keys of your car when the car still stands in the garage of your house. Well, in such a case leave the keys at a save place where you feel comfortable. The main point is to leave your items you don’t need on holiday at a save place where you can’t lose them and you feel OK that they are there during your trip.

11 – Offline maps

useful travel tip navigate offline gps smart device mobile
“Not need to travel online”

OK, many cars have GPS system. If you rent a car it can be much cheaper if the car has no GPS system. It also is possible to take TomTom or Garmin device with you. But did you know that with Google Maps you can download the maps of many locations on your device to navigate offline? Also, there are many apps available for your smartphone that you can completely use offline. It has the same cost as a TomTom or Garmin device, but is a lifetime activation code. You don’t miss updates and are able to download the maps and use the app completely in offline modus. When you change from mobile device, only enter your account details and activation code again and you are up and running. Without buying a new GPS-device or service. My favorite navigation app is Sygic.

“Avoid extra costs and roaming data”

Indeed, Waze is a very good app to navigate. But your mobile data have to be always on to load the maps. When you are in another country, this is using your Roaming services and maybe this can have extra costs. Some places on your trip also don’t have a strong internet connection. So, download or update the map of your location to your device and you don’t need to activate your internet during the travel. Only, if you need traffic updates or alternative routes, then of course an internet connection is needed. But you also can use it to find the right way by walking in offline mode.

12 – Google Translate offline

translate app offline google travel tip useful
“Talk with the locals”

In the same way as the previous point, it also can be very helpful to download your own mother tongue and the language of your destination on your device in Google Translate. Also in this case, you are able to translate words, texts and sentences in offline mode. Even you and a local both can speak in there mother tongue to the device and Google does the rest. It translates it to the language of the other. Or what do you think to translate of a whole menu in a restaurant with the use of your camera? You will be happy to feel yourself in a modern world where you connect yourself with the locals. Because language is the basic to connect with the others.

13 – Music / Video offline

usefull travel tips audio video music multimedia
“Be ready for death moments”

To prepare yourself for your trip, again something to download on your mobile device. Also download your favorite music or videos on your smart device. With this useful travel tip, you are ready to for some death moments on your trip. Especially, if there is no internet connection possible, like in an air plane or in some bus trips.

14 – Activate Roaming

useful travel tip roaming world abroad mobile smart device smartphone
“Be online abroad”

The previous points talked about using the tools offline, without an internet connection. But, of course, there also are moments you want to use your internet connection and you are not able to use WiFi. For these moments you will use the roaming services of your smartphone or mobile device with a SIM-card. Activate your roaming services on your device, but also be sure it is activated in your plan by your mobile operator.

15 – Digital copy of your ID-card / travel passport

travel useful tip id card identity
travel passport trip book
“Always possible to identify yourself”

This useful travel tip is the other way as told above. Here I advise you to make a digital copy of your ID-card and/or your travel passport. In that case, your plan B is to have a digital equivalent of your cards. Very useful if you lose them or for some other reasons. OK, in some cases it is not a valid way to identify you. But you always have something with you in case you need it.

“Give a copy in the hotel”

You also can print out this digital copy of your passports. So, for example in the hotel you don’t have to give your ID-card at check-in. You can give this printed copy. At the check-in they will do the same, copy your passport. You make it easier for the accommodation as well, because you did some work for them as well.

16 – App to know sunrise and sunset

“When does the day start and end”

Mostly when you are on holiday, you don’t care about time or when is the day starts and when the day ends. But in some cases you like to know when the sun comes up and goes under. Imagine you want to make a romantic trip, for example a boat trip or a walk in the nature. The best period for a colorful romantic time is mostly in the hour before the sunset, or after sunrise. It can be very interesting to know when such moments are on the day on the location of your trip. When you want to know this, follow this useful travel tip and install a location daylight app on your mobile device.

useful tip sunset sunrise view sun water gold
“The most beautiful colors of the day”

As told above, there are 2 moments on the day which have the most colors. These are called the Golden Hour. In the morning it is the hour starting from the sunrise and in the evening the hour before the sunset. If you like photography, you maybe already know this. To know this moments on your location, an app on your mobile device can be very handy for this. I use the app Golden Hour for this.

17 – Flashlight

flashlight useful travel tips
“Always light in the darkness”

A good or simply a small flashlight is always handy. A small device, chargeable on USB, does not take much space in your luggage or to carry with you. Smartphones also are equipped with a flashlight. But, a small flashlight can have a stronger light and light further. When you walk in the dark, it can be helpful to have such a separate device with you. Also you can use the battery of your smartphone for other things. For example if you need to call or connect with others in an urgent situation and you only have your phone with you.

18 – Register the location of where you stay digitally

useful travel tip digital my location where I am
“Find your way back”

Not everyone is even good in finding the way. That is OK. There is nothing wrong with using the tools you have to help you out. So, it can be helpful to save digitally the coordinates or address of the location where you stay. You can do this in your navigation app, like Google Maps. But there also are other apps to do this.

19 – Pillowcase

useful travel tip pillowcase
“A pillow for everywhere”

Put a pillowcase in your hand luggage. You can fold it very small and it doesn’t take much space. So, you can put it almost everywhere. When you need a pillow, put some soft clothes in the pillowcase and there you go. You can use it as a comfortable pillow to relax or sleep. Useful travel tips can be so simple and easy and give you a lot back.

“Used clothes”

In point 8, I also told about using plastic bags for your used clothes. Also the pillowcase of this tip can be used for it. When you have the possibility, you put it together with your other clothes in the washing machine.

20 – Keep electronics / fluids apart

“You find them in a fast way”

When you keep all your electronic devices and also your fluids apart from your other luggage, you find them in a fast way when you need them. For example at a passenger control, when you need to separate these products for the scanner. At that moment, you only have to separate the pocket of all your electronics from the other luggage and you’re done. You can do exactly the same for fluids.

Extra : Tips where to eat

“Avoid the touristic places”

Above we already give you 20 useful travel tips. I hope these make your next trip more comfortable and relaxed. Now, I will give you one extra tip for during your travel. Because, a good food is also very important for a memorable trip and enjoy your time. So this extra tip will give you information for your meals.

When you don’t booked an hotel with full pension, you need to go out to eat during lunch and diner. At the most locations, the most bet local restaurants are not at the touristic areas. If you want to get good local quality, and mostly at lower prices, you have to avoid these touristic places and go to regions out of these areas. In most cities, the best restaurants are not in the region where all the restaurants are together.

So, you want to go local? Then also go local..

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