3 Houses of Gaudí

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3 Houses of Gaudí

“Buildings of the typical Catalan Modernism style”
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barcelona gaudi 3 houses catalan modernism
“3 Different houses, but all in contact with the nature”

Maybe the most famous architect of Barcelona is Antoni Gaudí. His style is known as the Catalan Modernism Architecture. Barcelona has 3 houses of Gaudí, where this typical style comes alive. Although, the most famous buildings are The Sagrada Família and Park Güell. Nature is the main factor that appears in all Gaudí’s buildings. This post tells you more about Gaudí’s 3 most wonderful houses.

“Use the nature to make it alive”

For Gaudí, the people is part of the nature. Nature and natural aspects were the basics of his buildings. In the house, he wanted to use the natural elements to bring color, atmosphere, light, ventilation and so on. Also, curved lines are typical for him. Nothing is straight. You will never find straight corners in his buildings, but always rounded. This way, it stays alive and it doesn’t feel as collisions.

“Art must be functional to be beautiful”

Gaudí didn’t designed artistic things without any goal. Everything had to be functional. But of course, it also had to be nicely designed and finished.


“Gràcia is the key”

If you wanna visit the houses, than it is important to know where these are located. The first house in located in Gràcia. While the other 2 houses are on the Passeig de Gràcia in Eixample.

Visit the 3 houses

barcelona gaudi 3 houses catalan modernism

Wanna visit the 3 houses? Book your bundle on

This is the place to be to buy your entrance tickets in advance. So, you don’t have to wait in the long row at the monument itself. You just can go to the entrance and visit the house. Press the image below.

Casa Vicens

“First house of Gaudí”
casa vicens terace first house gaudi
“A summer house for a tile manufacturer”

Casa Vicens is the first house built by Antoni Gaudí. The location of this building is in Gràcia. It was a summer house for Manuel Vicens, a tile manufacturer and owner of a brick factory.

Gaudi casa vicens house catalan modernism 3 houses
“Refraction of light for another feeling”

As told above, nature and natural elements were the key elements of Gaudí’s buildings. When you visit this house, you get immediately a good impression of this idea. By entering the house, you come in a nice entrance hall full of natural elements. Further in the house, each room has his specific aspects of color, natural aspects. It learns you how simple elements like a fountain with a metal raster above, together with the sunlight, can give a room a whole different dimension. Because, this is based on the principle of the refraction of light through a prisma. As a result, you get other colors in the rooms of the house. Of course, this gives you another feeling and dimension.

“A practical rooftop”
gaudi house casa vicens rooftop
casa vicens rooftop chimney catalan modernism

Also the rooftop is not flat, but built with oblique surfaces. The meaning of this was to collect the water of the rooftop to reuse it. Also here, a lot of artistic elements can be found. They look like colorful artistic decorative elements placed on the rooftop. But, as I already told above this is not the way how Gaudí designed his buildings. Everything had to be functional, remember? Well, these are the chimneys from the rooms and the kitchen.

Visit Tip

“Buy tickets in advance and use audio guide”

Do you wanna visit this house? Fine! This is a good idea!

It may be a good idea to buy your ticket in advance. Also, it can be needed if you wanna enter. A second reason is that it also can be cheaper. Buying your ticket in advance, is possible in an easy way through their own website. Or you can use a site specialized in entrance tickets like:

Finally, it is also a good idea to use the free audio guide with your mobile device. So, you learn more about the Casa Vicens during your visit.

Casa Battló

“UNESCO classified Gaudí’s Catalan Modernism masterpiece”
casa battlo gadui 3 houses catalan modernism unesco

The second house in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudí, was for the family Battló. Battló was an industrialist in the textile sector. The house was built at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. This is one of the masterpieces of Gaudí. You find this UNESCO World Heritage classified house on the Passeig de Gràcia in Eixample. In the street, it immediately stands out through his typical and wonderful facade.

“Live like you are in the water”

The whole house has skeletal organic designs of a fish. Anywhere you find these elements with green to blue colors. You discover this starting from the facade and the main floor, over the 4 other floors to finally reach the rooftop.

casa battlo gaudi full facade view catalan modernism barcelona
“A facade in 3 parts”

The facade has 3 different parts. The bottom part of sandstone from the Monjuïc mountain. Secondly, the middle part with the remarkable balconies, looks like a lake of water lilies. Finally, their is the top part. This is a facade as a crown which connects with the rooftop. In the past, this covered the water tanks of the house. Now it is an empty room.

casa battlo gaudi 3 houses catalan modernism facade
“The central hall of natural light and ventilation”

The central hall is maybe one of the most impressive places in the house. From bottom to top it is built with blue tiles. All in different color tint. The light comes from above and brings the natural light into the whole building. Through the different color tints, it brings a nice view on each floor. The windows and ventilation grids are also curved. All these aspects together, make it a wonderful appearance when you walk in this building.

“A rooftop with dragon and towers”
casa battlo rooftop dragon cross catalan modernism unesco

The roof has a design like the back of a dragon. There is a theory that the roof symbolizes the symbol of Saint George, the patorn of Catalonia. Because Gaudí was a very Catholic person, this is a very plausible theory. The dragon also appears in Park Güell.

Visit Tip

“Experience the house with the Golden Ticket”

For this house, you need to buy your tickets in advance. Their also are 3 types of visit: basic “BLUE”, “SILVER” and the full experience entrance with “GOLD”.

With all the tickets you get and audio guide, so you learn everything about this masterpiece of Gaudí. But when you buy the full experience ticket, you also have a tablet. On this tablet are reality video’s too. In this way, the house comes alive. I promise you, this is an amazing experience. It is not cheap, but you get a nice experience for your money.

Don’t wait any longer and buy already your tickets over here:

Casa Milà

“The Catalan Modernism piece of art La Pedrera”
caa mila la pedrera barcelona gaudi 3 houses

On the same Passeig de Gràcia, it is time to discover Casa Milà. Finally, we reach the third house of Gaudí. This UNESCO World Heritage classified house was built for Roger Segimon de Milà. Milà was a rich family in Barcelona. Also here, the facade and inside of the building is curved. These waves combined with the white look of the sandstone make it a superb view. Some love it some not. Many people find this house more some piece of art without any usability presence. Most of the locals didn’t liked this house, after it was built. So, they came with the nickname “La Pedrera”. “Pedrera”, or the Catalan word “a Pedreira” means “stone quarry”. The nickname “La Pedrera” comes from the typical sand stone look and the waves of the building together with the 2 impressive pateos. For the locals, this house of apartments had something like a stone quarry. This nickname still stays alive by the locals.

gaudi house pedrera casa mila pateo light
“2 Pateos for natural light and ventilation”

Antoni Gaudí designed Casa Milá around 2 impressive pateos. These are rounded and bring natural light and ventilation into the building. All the apartments are situated around one of these pateos. On the upper floors there are large inner terraces at the back side. La Padrera is one of the first buildings in his time in the city that had a lift and a garage.

“An impressive rooftop”

On the rooftop you find the same aspects as by the other 2 houses. A nicely roof where the chimneys look like a sort of heads and of course the catholic cross. Also you get a nice view over the city and of his other masterpiece, the Sagrada Família.

“Catalan Modernism still in use”

At this moment, there still live people in some apartements of Casa Milà. Or you can go to the restaurant “El Café de la Pedrera” and get a gastronomic experience under the roof of Gaudí.

Visit Tip

“A guided light show tour at the nocturne”

It is the same for Casa Milà as for the other 2 houses. The best way is to buy your tickets in advance. Also here, in most cases, you maybe still can reserve your tickets on the same day as you want to visit the house.

By going for the nocturne, you get maybe the best experience. This is a guided tour with a amazing light show on the rooftop. Take in mind, also here, nature is the main idea.

To buy your tickets, click the link below:

3 Houses of Gaudí Bundle

barcelona gaudi 3 houses catalan modernism

It is easy to book your tickets for all these 3 houses of Gaudí together. Take a look on the online ticket store below to book your bundle. In that way, you get the complete Gaudí experience.

All the 3 houses of Gaudí are located near to each other. This makes it possible to visit them all together on 1 day.

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“Gaudí and his Catalan Modernism”
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barcelona park guell overview gaudi catalan modernism

This post informs you about the capital of Catalonia. A city near the Mediterranean Sea with a lot of art, culture and his typical Catalan Modernism buildings thanks to Antoni Gaudí. Wanna learn more, than you need to read this post further below.


Barcelona, ES
4:56, 30 March 2023
Sunrise: 07:38
Sunset: 20:13



Type of location



Province/District capital


Regional part


Country capital distance

626 km


Barceloní / -ina


“The capital of an autonomous region near the Mediterranean Sea”

Hola! Hello! Now we are in the capital of Catalonia, in the northeastern part of Spain. Near the Mediterranean Sea, we discover Barcelona. But don’t just call it Spain. Because they are very proud on their community. Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain with his own recognized language and governance. Even in school, the lessons are in Catalan, but they also have Spanish lessons.

As told in the introduction, Barcelona is located near the Mediterranean Sea. So, it has also a lot of wonderful beaches near the sea. The most well known of them are located in La Barceloneta and El Poblenou.

“Barcelona and his famous artistic people”

In the latest centuries, a lot of famous artistic people became famous in this city. Like Antoni Gaudí, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miló are some of them.

“Antoni Gaudí as a Catalan Modernism architect”

It is not possible to visit Barcelona, without seeing a building in the typical Catalan Modernism style of Gaudí. He wanted to build other than others. Some love(d) his buildings, some not. Across the city are so many buildings of Gaudí. His 3 wonderful houses and the famous Park Güell all are UNESCO protected. Last but not least, of course, there is the showpiece of the Sagrada Família. This cathedral must normally be fully completed in 2026, 100 years after the death of Antoni Gaudí itself.

“Abstract artists with fame all over the world”

Aside of this architect, you had also the painter Pablo Picasso and painter/artist Joan Miró who left their mark on this city and booked international fame. Both of them were abstract artists who worked with a few colors to make great works.

Barcelona bairro view small streets spain
Barcelona Montjuic castle catalan city overview
Barcelona catalonia square Espanha Montjuic
Barcelona catalonia modernism city park ciutadella

Location keywords:

Antoni Gaudí, Pable Picasso, Catalonia, FC Barcelona, Catalan Modernism

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Local Tips

Save the date

Santa Eulalia Festival

Around the week of February 12

Already since the 17th century, Santa Eulalia is the patron of Barcelona. She is celebrated on February 12. So, in the week around this day, Barcelona holds a lot of festivities as an homage. A huge winter festival arrives in the streets of Barcelona with parades, the human castles of the Castellers, sardana dancing and fireworks.

Mobile World Congress

End of February

The Mobile World Congress of Barcelona is the most important mobile phone technology convention in the world. Every brand will show his new gadgets and flagship of the year to the world. If you love technology and gadgets, than you have to be here to impress yourself and make contacts. This convention takes place at the Fira Gran Via.

Barcelona Marathon

Half of March

Do you like sport and love to run? than you have to participate in the Barcelona Marathon. This is the 5th biggest marathon of Europe. A nice way to discover a lot of Barcelona’s hotspots on a 42 km long sportive route.

Museum Night

Half of May

Do you like to visit a museum? And what did you think, you can visit it for free? Well, than this is your day! On the Museum Night day, all the Barcelona’s museums are free to visit. Because, it is a special day dedicated to culture, shows, guided tour visits and live music. Elsewhere in Europe, you can also find this opportunity.

Saint Joan

June 23

June 24 is the day to celebrate Saint Joan. In Spain, this is a national holiday. So, this makes it a great excuse to celebrate on June 23.

Brunch in the Park

June till September

On Montjuïc, every Sunday afternoon it is time for dancing in the sun. This together with music from international DJ’s and a huge picnic, beer and family time with the kids around the playgrounds.

Festival Grec


In July, a lot of concerts are in the Montjuïc Greek Theatre. On different moments in July, you can look at a variety of shows, concerts, theatre and circus shows. For this reason, the Greek Theatre may be closed during the day to visit.

Fiesta Mayor the Gràcia

Half of August

For almost 1 week, Gràcia transforms in a sort of fantasy world. Every block decorates their street according a chosen theme. In the streets itself is music, joy and parties till early in the morning. During these days, Gràcia is an open disco.

National Day of Catalonia

September 11

The Dia National de Catalunya maybe is the most important day in Barcelona and whole Catalonia. On this they, the Catalan people commemorate the fall of Barcelona to the Spanish troops in 1714. From that moment on, Barcelona lost the Catalan institutions and laws.


February till November

Building human castles, it is a typical Catalan tradition. This is also known as Human Tower building. they are called “Castellers” or “Castells”. In whole Catalonia, you have many groups who do this and compete together. The Barcelona’s group “Colla” started in 1969 and is the 4th oldest group of Catalunya.

From Santa Eulalia, the castellers’ season start. From that moment on, they train almost every week. Tourists may visit these trainings at the Carrer de Bilbao, near the Clot metro station. Their trainings our on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Only, in August it is closed for holidays.

The catalan Castellers Tradition is on the list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. They also perform all of the world.

Book your stay now

Find your perfect stay in Barcelona and enjoy this lovely city by yourself.

How to reach

By car

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. So, a lot of important highways pass this city. This means that you can reach Barcelona from any direction by car, except coming from the East. Because, over there you find the Mediterranean Sea.

By bus

Busses are anywhere in and around Barcelona. The bus is a nice sort of public transport to reach the city or travel around in the city center. Or, when arrived in the center of Barcelona, you can of course also go for the metro. Find your way on TMB.

By train

If you travel from another city in Catalonia or Spain, the train may be the best option to reach Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia contains a lot of train stations. Find out more on FGC and RENFE.

By airplane

El Prat is the international airport of Barcelona. Over there you can take flights to and from almost anywhere in the world. Also, a good place if you want to travel to other cities in Spain. Click the text-link above to navigate to the airport website. In Europe, Vueling is a great airline to book your Barcelona trip.

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