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“The most charming city of Flanders”
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Aalst grote markt charming city center belgium flanders

Read more about the most charming city of Flanders. A city where the people are connected together and are always ready for a joyful event.


Aalst, BE
3:27, 30 March 2023
Sunrise: 07:24
Sunset: 20:11



Type of location




Province/District capital


Regional part

Dender (river)

Country capital distance

24 km


Ajuinen (Onions)


“A city at the Dender with an important history”

The city of Aalst is located in the central of Flanders, in the northern part of Belgium. Aalst is part of the province East-Flanders, with his capital Gent. The Dender river crosses the city. The city is famous for his UNESCO classified belfry, carnival (in February), Dirk Martens and Adolf Daens.

In the past, there was “The Land of Aelst”. Textile and hop were very important products to trade. So, Aalst had a lot of weaving mills and breweries. Safir was the most famous beer in Aalst. These days it is a nice small shopping city with a lot of history to discover.

aalst pieter van aelst gallerij gelerie belgium flanders
aalst beurs van amsterdam bourse grote markt flanders blue sky
aalst administratief centrum belgium flanders city dender
aalst spiegelvijver park vijver water flanders chaming city belgium

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carnaval, belfry, land van Aelst, Adolf Daens, Dirk Martens, Safir




Local Tips

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Save the date

Winter Fair

From 1 week before carnival till 1 week after carnival

This is the first largest fair in Belgium of the year. A lot of fair companies are looking for this time to start their season.


February or initial of March

Aalst is the city in Belgium with the most famous Carnival fest. The event takes place 3 days before Ash Wednesday. So, each year the dates changes due to the change of Easter. But, in Aalst it is a whole year carnival. It is part of the DNA.

Cycling criterion after the Tour de France

First Monday after end of Tour de France

After the end of the Tour de France, their are a lot of Cycling events. On these events, the supporters are able to see there heroes of the Tour de France. In Flanders, which is a huge cycling region, these are famous. Already for a long time, Aalst has the first criterion event where mostly the best rides participate. In most cases, the Yellow Jersey Owner of the Tour de France participates in the cycling criterion of Aalst. So, this brings a lot of people to Aalst. And yes, they are proud to keep the entrance free.


End of August

A wonderful street festival in the whole city of Aalst. From the Grand Place in the center to the park at the side of the city.

Food Truck Festivals

During the whole year

During the whole year their are many Food Truck Festivals in the city. They all have different themes. The most are on the Werfplein, near the Dender river.

How to reach

By car

Aalst is located near the highway E40. This means that it is very easy to reach this city by car from Gent or Brussels. There is no TOLL on the highway.

By bus

A lot of bus lines cross he city of Aalst. You can come from Brussels, Gent, Sint-Niklaas, Dendermonde, … to this city. And of course also go back. Find out more on the site of De Lijn.

By train

The railway line from Brussels to Gent passes through Aalst. So, you can reach Aalst in an easy way by train coming from Gent or Brussels. Also, there is a direct train coming from Brussels Airport (Zaventem) to Aalst. And, yes, you can take a direct train to the Belgian coast, with destination De Panne.

More on nmbs.be.

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