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“A quirky city full of history”
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On the 2 bank sides of the Maas river, you find the old city Maastricht. This is a small quirky city, founded around 2000 years ago. Furthermore, here is a lot of history bundled into one city. Read more below to discover it all together with us.


Maastricht, NL
3:01, 30 March 2023
Sunrise: 07:18
Sunset: 20:04


The Netherlands

Type of location



Province/District capital


Regional part


Country capital distance

210 km


Reubeslikker (Turnip swallower)


“A fordable place on the 2 banks of the Maas”

Welcome in Zuid-Limburg. Near the river of the Maas, the small lively city of Maastricht welcomes you. Already around 2000 years, there live people continuously on this place. On the 2 banks of the river where the first settlements, which was a fordable area.

These days, the 2 sides of the river still have their own characteristics. On the eastern side, you find Wyck (pronounced: Wiek). At the other hand, on the other river side, you simply find Maastricht.

“Quirky city with his own language and festivals”

The city, and the whole region of Zuid-Limburg, is a little bit quirky. Very noticeable is the fact that they have their own kind of language. A lot of locals still speak it. Due to the geographical location, it is a mix between Dutch, German and French. Also, make a lot of fun is not strange for this people. Carnival of Maastricht is a huge festival. In summer times, André Rieu brings the best of himselve at Het Vrijthof.

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Local Tips

Book your stay now

Find your perfect stay in Maastricht and enjoy this lovely city by yourself.

Save the date


Normally in February

February, is in a lot of places in the world the moment to celebrate Carnival. A Christian festival at the end of the Winter and to welcome the Spring. Even also here in Maastricht, carnival is a huge festival. Take present for this lively street event.


End of June

For already many years, Maastricht is the home location of TEFAF. An international art fair, organized in the MECC. Art lovers, artists and curious visitors from all over the world are here present. TEFAF transforms the city in splendor. In a way that the whole city center sprankles on artistic waves as never before. If you love art, this event is where you have to be.

André Rieu Summer concerts

Begin of July

In the summer time, the Vrijthof transforms in a huge concert arena. At this moment, the great artiest and violist André Rieu performs in any concerts on this square. Together with his Johan Strauss Orchestra, he gives many impressive open air concerts. Tickets are very expensive.

Winter Concerts André Rieu

Half of December

Half of December, on Het Vrijthof in the city center, you can admire the Christmas Concert of André Rieu. The world famous violist, coming from Maastricht, gives a lot of open air concerts with the Johann Strauss Archestra.

How to reach

By car

Through the A2 (E25), it is one of the most easy ways to enter Maastricht. As well as coming from the north, even as coming from the south. The highways from the nearby countries Belgium and Germany also are fine to reach Maastricht. Tip: a nice idea is to park your car at Maastrich Noord and take the bus over there.

By bus

The public transport in Maastricht and Limburg is very easy to bring you to and from the city. Even, you have the opportunity to take a Belgian bus from De Lijn if you are traveling from Hasselt.

By train

Maastricht has 2 train stations. This means that there are good possibilities to go to this city by train. The main station is Maastricht. Maastricht-Noord is located near the free P+R parking.

By airplane

An international airport also is available in Maasstricht. It is not a big airport. But ideal for low cost companies like Ryanair and a Touropperator as Corendon.

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