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“The city of passion and natural light”
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lisboa portugal city natural light 7 hills viewpoint

Learn all about the city of natural light near the Tejo river. The capital of Portugal is an old and historical city with a lot of passion. Inform yourself below and immerse you in their open minded culture.


Lisbon, PT
2:33, 30 March 2023
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Province/District capital


Regional part

Metropolitan area Lisboa


Alfacinhas, Lisboetas


“Built on 7 hills with a lot of creativity”

Near the mouth of the Tejo river, Tagus river, you find the capital of Portugal. Lisbon, most called Lisboa, is the largest city op Portugal with a lot of history. The city is built on 7 hills. There are a lot of viewpoints over the city and the river. Combined with the small streets full of color and views to the river, it is called the city of natural light. This city attracts a lot of tourists and creative persons.

“The atmospheric neigbourhoods”

Lisboa has a lot of neighbourhoods to discover. All have their own typical atmosphere. The most old and historical parts are Alfama with the Castle, São Vicente, Graça and Mouraria. Bairro Alto, Chiado and Príncipe Real are nice places for creativity and good restaurants. In the late evening, to go out, you have to be in Cais de Sodré. Last but not least, visit Belém! The cradle of the famous Pasteis de Belém. Fado is the typical music of Portugal. It finds his origins in this beautiful city.

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“A passion all together on one site”

Our most passion goes to Portugal. So with LindoPortugal, we have a whole separated project about this wonderful most western country of continental Europe. Find out more about Lisboa by clicking the button below.



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Local Tips

Save the date

25 April

1 Day

25 April 1974, this was the day of The Carnation Revolution. It was a revolution of the “Capitões”. The goal was to make an end on the “Estado Novo” and create freedom for everyone.

Book Fair

End of May till half of June

This is a huge book fair held in the Eduardo VII park, near Marquês de Pombal. It is one of the oldest cultural festivals in the city. A must do for each literal and book lover. No matter if you prefer rare books, well known books or comics, you find them all over there. Around 120 exhibitors welcome you on this yearly fair.

Os Santos Populares

June, whole month

June is the month of festivities in Portugal. First you have June 10, the National Day. Afterwards, it is the time of the famous festivities for the Popular Saints. Saint Anthony (Santo António) is the patron of Lisboa. On June 12 and 13 are the famous colorful parties in the city. These are with a lot of passion and joy. You can read more about the festivities of the Santos Populares over here.


First week of September

A huge festival at the southern side of the Tagus river. It has a lot of musical and literary events. The name of the festival is to the official newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party. Every year around hundred thousand people arrive on this festival. This means that the ground around the festival becomes a gigantic camping park.

Lisboa Marathon


Wanna run? You love to run 42 km? Nice, in that case this is yours! In October you can participate, or just take a look, in the Marathon of Lisboa. The start is on Praça de Comércio, near the Tagus river. It is the most famous marathon of Europe. The event attracts every year more and more runners.

How to reach

By car

A lot of the most important highways from north to south, and coming from the east passes Lisboa. So, it is very easy to reach Lisboa by car. You have to know that on the most highways to reach Lisboa, you have to pay TOLL. Definitely on the 2 bridges over the Tagus river: 25 de Abril and Vasco da Gama.

By bus

Portugal has a huge and wonderful bus network. A lot of local buses drive to and from Lisboa. But you have also the large network of the Rede Expressos and Rodoviária ( with 4 rápida lines). These last 2 companies have fast bus lines between important Portuguese cities. Take a look on their websites.

By train

Because Lisboa has 6 important train stations, it is easy to reach the city of Lisboa by train. Oriente is the most important station. Here passes the most trains. Take a look on the wesite of CP (Comboios de Portugal) for more information.

By airplane

Humberto Delgado Airport is the name of the international airport of Lisboa. From all over the world are flights landing and leaving. Sure, you will find a flight from your destination to reach Lisboa. Because tourism is big business for Portugal.

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