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Watertaxi Rotterdam

“Over the river to 50 places”
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watertaxi transport over river in rotterdam water meuse maas

Travel over the river in Rotterdam

“Your transport over the Nieuwe Maas to 50 places”

On the Nieuwe Maas, the New Meuse, you can take a transport to almost 50 different places in the city. On this link you find a map of all the pick-up and drop-off points of the Watertaxi in Rotterdam. This is a nice way to travel over the river in Rotterdam. This is part of the public transport network in Rotterdam.

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watertaxi maas transport river in rotterdam travel location local
“A fast unique way of transport”

The Watertaxi is a fast way to bring you from one side to the other side of the city. This without a lot of hassle or traffic jams. But all over the water of the Nieuwe Maas. Isn’t it nice? This network is a unique way of transport in Europe.

“For locals and tourists”

Many locals take this kind of water transport every day, like others take the bus, tram or metro. But, it also is very popular by tourists. And, I only can advise you when you make a trip to Rotterdam, this is a must do!

“One way trips, round trips or events”

It is possible to take the water taxi for only one trip. In this case, they bring you from one point to another point. But you have to book your ticket in advance. Click this link to book your ticket now. You also can book a round trip and define your route by yourself. Or what do you think to make a private booking for an event or a special occasion? Well it all is possible. Click on the button below for more information.

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