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“A Cozy Burgundian city in the Zwin region of The Netherlands”
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Sluis belfry zwin cozy city center burgundian atmosphere

Discover a small cozy city in the silted region of the Zwin in The Netherlands. Read further to discover all the information you need about this Burgundian city.


Sluis, NL
3:26, 30 March 2023
Sunrise: 07:26
Sunset: 20:13


The Netherlands

Type of location



Province/District capital


Regional part


Country capital distance

250 km




“A small Burgundian city in a larger municipality”

At the Northsea, near the Belgian boundaries, you find the location of Sluis. You have the large municipality of Sluis with the capital Oostburg and a lot of other municipalities. Also the small city of Sluis is part of this municipality. This is the location where this post is talking about. A location with a Burgundian atmosphere and a rich history. Sluis is part of the Dutch part of the Zwin region, of which to largest part is located in Belgium.

“The outer port of Bruges”

The city of Sluis has his origin due to the silting up of the Zwin. Through this fact, the open way of the large city Brugge (Belgium) for the trade over sea was blocked. So, Sluis became the most important sea port of Brugge (Bruges). For this reason, there is cannel between Brugge and Sluis. This is the almost 15km long Damse Vaart.

“Finally a city”

In the 13th century, Sluis got city rights. Finally, it the Town Hall in the center of the city got a belfry based on these of Gent and Brugge. Sluis has the only belfry of The Netherlands.

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Local Tips

Book your stay now

Find your perfect stay in Sluis and enjoy this lovely city by yourself.

Save the date

Zwin city run


A half marathon through the region of the Western Zeeland. For a lot of participants, it is a good practice for other better known full marathons.

Stand worker competition

End of June

Around 40 stand workers from all over The Netherlands and Belgium take present in this competition. All of them want to gain the title of “Best stand worker”. The workers present their products and try to sell them with a lot of joy. Finally who did this the in the best way, will get this trophy.

Day of Zeeland – Breeding Cattle Exhibition

Begin of July

On the first Saturday of July takes the cozy Day of Zeeland place. For this, you have to be in the center of Sluis. You may discover a typical breeding cattle exhibition and inspection of the cattle, old agricultural tools and old crafts market. All this are in the traditional costumes. This makes the Day of Zeeland in Sluis a nice event to do.

Carillon concerts – Summer concerts

Half of July till half of August

From half of July till half of August, you may listen to 4 carillon concerts in the city center of Sluis. Every week during the whole year, around 15h30, the carillonneur of the city plays a live concert on the carillon of the belfry. But during the summer, on 4 Sundays, there are 4 guest carillonneurs also play a live concert around 15h30. You become the program on the specific day itself.

Evening markets

Half of July till half of August

Sluis has 4 festive evening markets in the summer time. Every Thuesday from half of July till half of August, the city center changes in a street market with a lot of street animation, acts and (live) music. The market already starts from 11h, but the street animation will be there from around 16h. All the shops are open till 22h.

How to reach

By car

Coming from The Netherlands itself, the most easy way is from Terneuzen or the TOLL tunnel from the side of Midelburg. Otherwise, you reach Sluis from Belgium. Then you come from the direction of Brugge and Knokke-Heist.

By bus

Bus line 42, coming from the Belgian trainstation Brugge, brings you to Sluis.

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